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  • I was adopted and am thankful to have two sets of parents.  One set I met over a decade ago.   
  • I have loved photography since I was a child.  My love was shared by both my dad and birth mom who are now dancing with Jesus.
  • I have the best husband and family ever!  Three teenage sons and a preteen daughter!  They rock my world!
  • Butter Pecan ice cream is my favorite (but Starbucks lemon pound cake is about to win that war).
  • I firmly believe Tootsie pops make kids and parents happy!
  • I can't carry a tune but my radio makes me believe I can.  Beware if you are in the car with me.
  • I am constantly learning, changing and growing as a photographer. My clients are like family to me. 
  • I see the world differently now that three of my four parents are no longer with me and feel that relationships are special - moments I want to freeze in time.
  • I was honored to finish in the top 100 photographs in "Just the Guests" in the 2016 Shoot and Share Contest with over 225,000 entries from 120 countries and over 30 million votes.


Want to know more?  

  • My love for photography began as a child and continued through high school as I made my first pin hole camera and developed black and white film in the darkness of our high school developing lab.  My hobby has become one of my greatest loves. Sports and action photography thrill me while portraits and weddings leave me in awe.​
  • I long to be with a camera in my hand on this journey we call life, capturing it's most spectacular moments as images frozen into moments in time that steal your breath, never to be forgotten.. If you'd love to find yourself on the other side of my camera, shoot me an email. I'd love to chat!  Just Click Here!